Collaborative Design for Learning

Nova Co-Design assist schools and colleges with the development of their space to support changes in curriculum, technology, expansion and organisation.
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Nova Co-Design believes that effective dialogue promotes outstanding design.

Educationally Led

We understand that  a well-defined Educational Vision, built upon the values and ethos of the client delivers a more effective and sustainable solution to meet current and future learning needs. Central to this belief is that the pedagogy and approach to learning and teaching and the resulting organisational model for the school, drive the design brief throughout the process.

We believe that by working with our clients on their educational agenda at an early stage, we can develop a detailed educational and technical brief to underpin all future design and construction work, that will ensure this future vision becomes a reality.

Integrated Design

Nova Co-Design’s integrated approach to the design of learning spaces and experiences, makes real the client’s vision. Using our combined design skills we are able to lead on pedagogy, organisation, ICT, FF&E and M&E solutions and ensure that all the key factors are thoroughly considered and tested at the beginning of the design process.

Our service is recognised as being unique within the industry, bringing together a core of expertise that understands the purpose of an individual school and defines the performance of its key assets. Working from strategy, through design and implementation, into occupation and continual improvement, our solutions can future proof the investment of our clients.

Comprehensive Service

In a typical project we aim to contribute throughout the process, ensuring good decisions are made at the outset, stakeholders are engaged and an ultimately successful outcome delivers innovative learning spaces with integrated ICT and furniture, fittings and equipment.