Learning Led Design Brief

  • School policy and priorities
  • Organisational modelling
  • Brief for educational design
  • Curriculum analysis and design
  • Inspiring school team in change situations
  • Engaging stakeholders and gaining consensus
  • Implementation strategy
  • Change management
  • Staff and student competency frameworks
  • Collaborative and team teaching model
  • Key performance improvements
  • Leading development of space and ICT
  • Pedagogy into practice
  • Developing and supporting learning partnerships with public and private sectors
  • UK and International evidence based case studies


Design and Planning

  • Space analysis and utilisation
  • Specialist and curriculum design advice in science, ICT, technology, art and sport.
  • Master planning  school estates
  • Design, development and testing of learning settings
  • Leading acoustic modelling of adjacent activities
  • Architecture
  • Interior fit-out design
  • Furniture selection and bespoke furniture and fittings design
  • FF&E cost planning
  • Planning and building regulation approvals
  • Post occupancy review and evaluation


ICT Enablement

  • ICT  design to enhance teaching and learning
  • Audit of existing ICT capability
  • Adoption of technology, eLearning and change management
  • ICT requirements documents
  • Equipment schedules
  • ICT procurement, tender and contract documentation
  • Pricing and modelling capital and revenue costs
  • ICT Integration – Spaces, furniture, equipment, building, access control, CCTV, acoustics, other systems
  • Innovation and support for the use of ICT in learning and teaching
  • Action research and development in the used of ICT for future learning

A unique approach spanning professional boundaries

We combine expertise in learning, technology, and the design of space, furniture, fittings and equipment in one package. Our process engages clients in a rich dialogue to understand their aspirations and seamlessly delivers their education vision.
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How We Help

  • Brief Making

    We work with an organisation's senior management to establish the curriculum, programme and learning activities that are needed to be delivered and the current capacity within the organisation to deliver these. With this we can prepare a clear education led brief that directs future project decisions and project team members in designing and equipping new buildings and remodeled learning spaces.
  • Design

    We work with education stakeholders to raise awareness of the options and possibilities by sharing best practice and exemplar projects from around the world. From this we can begin to develop inspiring bespoke solutions that meet clearly defined objectives within the brief.
  • Change Management

    We work with the education team to understand current and future learning programmes and use a design process to engage all stakeholders views. By co-creating future outcomes we help an organisation prepare for new structures and new working practices.
  • Research

    We use an evidence based approach to delivering innovative learning led solutions for space, equipment and technology. We work internationally with advocacy partners to share knowledge to bring value to our own projects.
  • Furniture & Equipment

    We use furniture and equipment as a tool in the design of learning environments to establish defined activities such as group working, focussed learning, presentation and social space.
  • Space Management

    We analyse the use of space over time and activity to ensure an organisation is making the best use of its assets. We bring forward innovative solutions that allow flexible use of space through versatile furniture and space division.



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