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An ambitious and exciting academy with a distinctive education vision. The lead sponsor is the Aldridge Foundation with Dorset County Council as Co-Sponsor. Professor Stephen Heppell is the Academy Patron.

An ‘all through’ academy for students from 4-19. A ‘stage not age’ environment, where all learners move on through the Academy when they are ready. Structured through a ‘schools within schools’ model. Key  driver were  for  lifelong learning, high aspirations and the regeneration of the Portland community.

The provision of learning environments to create continuous learning from 0-19 in an inclusive, nurturing, ambitious and secure school environment. To create consistency of teaching, learning, care and support, resulting in a significant improvement in student outcomes through the creation of Home Base models for all students within the Academy.

Students will study at their own pace and strive for the best possible individual goals on a ‘stage not age’ basis. Whilst focusing on student achievement, learning will also be playful, celebratory and contribute to an atmosphere where students enjoy learning together.

  • To create an all through home base structure, for formal and informal learning.
  • The home base organisation must provide learning and pastoral support for all students.
  • Students of all ages must be able to access all resources.
  • Flexible grouping for project based experiential learning.
  • Students must progress when they are ready to succeed.
  • The creation of post 16 provision for the island community.
  • The design of learning spaces for a progressive curriculum developed jointly by staff throughout all phases within the Academy.